July 9, 2013

Happy Summer!!!!

Hi everyone!

June has come and gone and it doesn't seem like it could possibly be July yet. Isabella and I have really been enjoying the warmer temperatures, getting out in the evenings to walk/jog our way through the field. She has so much fun, but she's become a bit of a homebody. She always loved to go for car rides before, and now it seems almost impossible to get her in the car! Nothing scary, or out of the ordinary, has happened in the car since we moved. So I'm not sure what in the world is going on in her doggy brain.

I've been on quite an eBay kick lately. (Selling, not buying!) I have sold some designer bags, LUSH stuff, and old video games. I've actually been doing well with it and it's feeling wonderful to unload junk.
I plan to keep on that this month, and hopefully get in to storage and play keep or sell with a lot of my stored items as well. I know I have a ton of items that are no longer needed and only harbor bad memories of my past.

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer!


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