June 28, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hello all!
In case you haven't been able to tell, I have been slightly short on dog posts lately. Partly, this is due to a life-change and partly, I'm just not buying the amount of dog items I was before. It makes me feel like I should post, but I don't know that "life" posts really fit with this blog (?) or my tendency to be slightly private.
Hence, the increase in "sponsored" type posts. (Where I get free goodies to try out and review.)

I'm torn, between giving up this blog, starting a new one (or not,) or, just re-directing this one a bit.

I know I don't have a large viewership, so I suppose it wouldn't really matter to much what I chose to do, but if anyone out there is reading, I'd love to know your thoughts. What about turning this in to a slightly hodge-podge blog? A little of everything, as long as it pertains to me - still dogcentric, obviously, because my life itself is dogcentric...?

Opinions would be nice!
In the meantime, I will keep posting as I have been..Sponsored or not, and hope it helps someone. :-)


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