April 28, 2015

Spring Time DIY Project!

Lately I have been really in to gardening, and subsequently, flowers. Flowers are something that I've always found beautiful, but figured I didn't have the know-how or the patience to mess with it.

I decided to start planting flowers this spring, and after I saw a super cute tiered plant project on Pinterest - I knew what I had to do. (You can find my inspiration here: tiered planter project.)

My husband and I are already working on a ton of household projects, so we have been at Menards and Lowes on a weekly basis for months. Yes, months. We have a lot going on.
Anyway, while we were there, I decided to pick up some cute plastic pots to attempt this project.

Initially, I had planned to plant seeds, but with this being my first go-round, and with weather here being so fickle and unpredictable in the spring, I opted for some adorable flowers that were already past the difficult point. These were purchased from a local green house, which I would rather do than buy from Walmart or any other such place when possible.

We grabbed the pots and a fresh bag of potting soil, and I went to work.

The finished project looked cute, but bare. Now that I had an idea what type of plants I might want to see here, I snapped a photo and headed to the greenhouse. (Another great option about a local greenhouse is that with me not knowing too much about flowers yet, a really knowledgeable staff member was able to help me find ones who fit in to my idea of what I want here.) 
I showed her a photo of my project, and we were off and running.

I chose a Lighthouse Salvia for the very top, and livewire grass, gazanias, and a few different varieties of petunias. Above, you can see them about two days after I got them situated in their new home.

Here we are, about two weeks after settling in. Due to frosts in the evening, I'm still having to drag them inside our garage in the evenings, and then back out in the sunshine every day. Once we get some steady temperatures, I will be able to place them outside permanently! Look at that Salvia! It grew so much already!

Overall, this project was very easy. Even for me. The price was right, too.

Another positive point is that this spring project got me super psyched to do MORE planting, and since then, I have planted seeds in containers, too! I can't wait to learn and (hopefully) see some more cute flowers sprouting up soon!

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