March 14, 2014

Spring Is Coming!

So spring is on it's way (and I could not be happier, I'm tired of all this snow!) My favorite thing about spring besides the warming weather, is the excuse to toss crap out. In fact, I get so excited about this, that I've already started. This past week I emptied out our armoire & got a bag of clothes and accessories ready for their trip to Goodwill. (I also listed some stuff on eBay!)

It looks loads better, and now I have a little more space. My least favorite thing about cleaning out clothing is being honest with myself about what I will actually wear, and what fits how I want it to. - This means I force myself to try stuff on. Jeans are the worst, right? Admitting to myself that some of those jeans will never see the light of day again? I really didn't want to do it.... In the end, I sucked it up (not in) and got rid of a few pairs.

As for clutter in other areas, I'm always looking for new tips and tricks.
One of my handiest methods is the "one in, one out" method. This works by ridding yourself of one item in a category, after having bought something new. I find this particularly helpful when buying clothes. If I come across a cute shirt, I force myself to decide which shirt I currently own, that I'll be tossing out if I purchase this new one.
Generally, I feel like I have my clothes in check!
Linens? We keep only 2 sets of sheets, 1 comforter, and limited towels for each of us. Also, in check!

One area I didn't feel like I had under control were my bathroom supplies. Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, oils, soaps... Ah!!!
I decided at the beginning of the year, that I would not be purchasing any shampoo, lotions, or soaps - until I used up my supply currently in the bathroom. (This is killing me too, because I'm itching to try a new Organix shampoo!)
Slowly but surely, my bathroom cabinet is downsizing! I'm seeing more and more junk tossed out, and nothing new coming in. I've even forced myself to either use, or toss out, my trial size freebies.  (Those are awesome if you a lot of traveling, but we simply don't. They're just wasting space.)

I get an awesome feeling when I have a clean, organized space - not to mention the pride associated with not spending money we don't really have to spare on excess clutter.

What are your favorite rules to follow for keeping your "stuff" to a minimum?!


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