March 17, 2014

Beauty Use It Up!

Right now I'm enjoying a "use it up" on several of my bathroom items. (If you aren't familiar this concept, it's basically making a list of things that you have, and using them up before buying anything else! This can be done in any area of your home.)

My beauty use-it-up includes: Shampoo/Conditioner, hair treatments, lotions, oils, bodywash, and soap. I have also included certain makeup items in this challenge.

I have so many of these items in my bathroom cabinet that I was literally knocking bottles over trying to grab other ones!
The first step I took was emptying out my cabinet and re-sorting it. The bottles with the least in them, went to the front of my cabinet. That way I'll go ahead and finish them up, toss them, and be done! 
Now, as is so often the case, many times I ended up with leftover shampoo, but no conditioner of the same type. When this happens, I use that leftover shampoo before any deep conditioning treatment I'm doing. 

So far, I've tossed out 4, count 'em FOUR, bottles of hair product items.

I have also used up 2 bars of soap!

I haven't bought shampoo/conditioner since.....drum roll...last AUGUST. (While that's awesome, it just gives you an idea how much crap I had in my cabinet.)

Honestly, a "use it up" or a "no-buy" is not for everyone, and I know that! I love it though, and I love the feeling that having all of the junk out of my cabinets creates! 

Are you a fan of use it up and no buy programs? 
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