March 4, 2014

Is it really March?

Hello all!

It's been an interesting week, to say the least.

Last Monday I got a jury duty summons and I was pretty bummed out. Having never gone before, it made me anxious. (All new stuff does!) So my Dad was nice enough to drive me there, for moral support, and then pick me up when it was all said and done.
I certainly didn't expect to be kept for an actual juror (and I wasn't) so I wasn't worried about that, more about the newness of the experience and I'm always anxious about being myself in such a conservative city, county, and state. It was apparent right off the bat, as I looked around, that no one else was wearing a peace sign choker, nor vibrant clothes, or, carrying a zebra print bag. Awk-ward.

I brought a book, thinking I'd have tons of time for reading. WRONG-O. (My Dad had warned me, I wouldn't. Not here apparently.)
I read about 5 pages before all 40 of us were called in to the room, the first 13 being the prospective jurors. (12 + an alternate, if you didn't know!) I was #38. Somehow, #40 got herself excused during the first bathroom break... What REALLY bugged me about the whole situation is that they didn't excuse anyone who wasn't in the immediate 12 at a time. Even when it was clear that some of us in the back, were going.
(For instance, I knew I was gone when I raised my hand after being asked by the prosecutor if anyone had objections to convicting someone of a crime. - In SOME cases, this one included, I did.)
Unfortunately for us, they were just tossing people out, moving new people in and asking the same questions and then excusing them. What was fortunate, is that basically, I found out jury duty isn't too darn bad because they give people nearly every chance in the world to get out of it! They're always asking you questions, giving you possible excuses, etc. If you REALLY don't want to be there, it doesn't seem to be too terrible to get out of it.
(So far though, everyone I've talked to has had varying experiences depending on their region/area/judge/case/etc, but it seems this is mainly the same - it's not that hard to dodge it. If you get the chance to speak.)

Overall I spent about four hours of my day in the courthouse, and with two breaks, that wasn't too terrible. I made all of maybe $20.00, and hey, that's more than I bring home most days. ;-)
I guess it wasn't too bad, and now I have two awesome years exempt from being called again. I'm glad to say I did it, stayed myself, and even bagged myself a new (and anxiety prompting experience.)
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