July 4, 2014

Quick Note About My Reviews & Influenster

Hello all!
You may have noticed an influx in review posts in the past week, and that is due to my most recent voxbox from Influenster. I received the #SurfsUpVoxBox, and all the products inside, for free to test and review.

My reviews are always honest, even if they are not flattering, and they are sometimes even updated later on to include anything I missed (or had not yet experienced in my shorter testing period!)
I take pride in letting you know exactly what I think or feel about a product/brand, and I see no reason to gush over a product I don't like, or had a bad experience with. (Despite my love for the Sinful Colors brand, I did not have a good experience with the application of Anchors Away, for instance! I'll tell you that!)

I have a limited number of invitations to Influenster, and I willingly share them with anyone who is truly interested in putting in the work. (Please just ask, via comment.) Before you ask, know that Influenster is not just free products! It is a community, and although they do send you free products (or even boxes of products, known as a VoxBox), there are qualifications that must be met!
The best thing you can do starting out, is to link as many of your social networks as you can to Influenster. That boosts your score right off the bat, then - you wait!
Eventually you will receive an e-mail indicating you may be a match for a program. There will be a survey - fill it out - and return it, quickly! They do expire, or worse, they run out of spots in the program. Don't think just because you got the survey, you'll get the box!
At the end of the survey, usually you will know whether or not you have a spot in the program. IF you do, then congrats! All you have to do is sit back and wait on the mail carrier to bring you the neat-o box of goodies!

When you get the box, take photos. Lots of them. You'll need them. Don't forget to check in on Influenster, too, and tell them you received the box!
After you check in, you'll get to see some of the tasks! But hold on, that's not all of them! As the program continues, you will notice they keep telling you about "brand badges" - that's additional tasks you can do, to achieve a badge for one, or all, of the brands in your voxbox!
Remember those pictures I told you to take? They will come in handy here. (It'd be a shame if you had used, and tossed the product container out before you knew about brand badge challenges, right? This is why I tell you to take pictures! Of the products, of you using them, or your results, etc.)

Since you have those photos, you will be able to use them! (Take my Sinful Colors manicure, I took multiple photos of it, because I like to use different photos on Instagram, Twitter, and my blog.) I also take notes in an app on my phone, so that when I go to write a review up, I'm not just babbling a one paragraph description. You will see those people. They want to do the bare minimum to keep getting free stuff. I'm not one of them. I enjoy writing reviews, and I did it for free on Amazon for many years. ;-)

Influenster may also ask you to write reviews on outside websites, such as Drugstore.com, Amazon, or Wal-mart. Please don't be one of those people who copy & paste the same review. (You might be able to get away with it, I guess, I've never tried.) In any case, it's lazy. Most of the time, I write a shorter, more concise review for other websites. People shopping on Amazon don't want read a six paragraph review from my blog. No. They want it short and sweet. You'll be able to do this, because you kept notes, right?

All in all, Influenster doesn't take that much of my time. But it's enjoyable for me, and I love getting to test new products! (For instance, I was using Rimmel Stay Matte foundation before it was even in the stores!)

Hopefully, someone found this even a little helpful!
Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you all around Influenster!


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