March 31, 2014

BzzAgent Review: Starbucks Veranda Blend Roast K-Cups Review

I could not have been more excited when BzzAgent sent me an invitation to their Starbucks Veranda campaign! I love coffee, I love my Keurig, & I love blonde roast coffee in the evenings! (Mornings? I gotta have my black as the night coffee but in the evenings I prefer a light roast.)

The box came last week, and I was all "ants in my pants" to try it out. After my evening slump settled in, on laundry day no less, I decided there was no better time than the present!

I started my loyal Keurig up, and began the brewing process.

First of all, it smelled g-r-e-a-t! I couldn't wait to start sippin'. (Do you love my Alice in Wonderland cup? I know you do!)

Once it reached my preferred coffee drinkin' temperature, I took a tentative sip. Mmmm.. Now, in the evenings, I don't divulge in creamer so it had the usual slightly bitter (but not overwhelming, or too strong like a dark roast) taste. It possesses a very mellow flavor, with some almost nutty-type hints. The caffeine level didn't seem to be too much, but it gave me the boost I needed to get up and finish folding laundry, and kept me alert the rest of the evening without being up all night. - I personally loved it!
(This is, as they say, "all relative!" What's bitter to one, isn't bitter to another...and I also hold a strong tolerance to most substances, caffeine being no exception. I can fall asleep mere hours after an espresso.)

I will definitely be taking advantage of the coupons included by BzzAgent, and enjoying this way more often! 

This product was provided to me for free by BzzAgent, to test and review. The opinions expressed this in blog post are my own, and not influenced by any entity.


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