February 9, 2013

Rainy days...

It's been rainy here. Well, it was rainy. Then it snowed several inches. Then the snowed melted. Then it rained. Then it snowed again. Snow melted. Now it's back to rain. (This is what happens when you live in a place where the outside temperature literally goes from 3*F on Monday to 62*F on Friday.)

It has turned our backyard in to a disaster. A yucky, gross, muddy disaster. Outdoor time is a lot more limited for the girls when it's like this. (At least they can play in the snow without it turning in to a bath.) Which means Isabella is getting bored. Really bored. She has taken to pestering me just about every moment of the day for something to do. When we find something, she's only interested in the activity for about as long as a hummingbird stays with one flower.

Inside fetch? "Find it" games? Puzzles? Work?
What do you do when your furry kids are bored and it's too nasty to play outside for long periods?



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