April 15, 2011

Toys: IQ Treat Ball

Allow me to introduce you to the Smart Toys, IQ Treat Ball. It is available in 2 sizes (3 inch & 5 inch) boasting a mental challenge with varying levels of difficulty. There are toys similar to this one, but one of the things that convinced me to pick this one was the ability to adjust the difficulty level. There are 3 pieces to it, the ball unscrews and inside is a "plate" like piece where you can control the difficulty level (basically meaning you can make the hole the treats pass through, larger or smaller.) I got it put together and passed it on to Isabella for her evaluation. In about 10 minutes she was manipulating the toy as if she'd had it for weeks. So I changed the setting, hoping to slow her down. It did help somewhat, but she is still able to get the treats out pretty quickly.

We've had the toy since February and I have to admit it's pretty sturdy. There have been multiple slams to furniture, walls and appliances. She also enjoys picking it up and throwing it. I see no evidence of scratches or cracks though. 

I have one small issue with the toy...It's..well...just take a look....

Did my sweet little girl manage to take the ball apart? Oh yes indeed. Initially I assumed it was a fluke and put it back together. Two more times, as it kept appearing in this condition. I'll go ahead and blame it on me, maybe I didn't tighten the lid up enough..

Overall, this is a toy we're happy with. She brings it to me every single morning to be filled up so she can play. For the price, it was worth it.


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